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Moroccan Oil  VS.  One ‘n Only Argan Oil
As a professional hairstylist I use Moroccan Oil on a daily basis with my clients and believe in the entire product line.  There has yet to be a product from Moroccan Oil that has failed to meet my high expectations.  And I hear they are in the works of making a bath and body line as well.  ( I’ve been waiting for this!)  Only downside is they are a little more pricey because they are professional quality, but definitely worth every penny. 
If spending a small fortune on your hair is not in the cards my next recommendation would be One ‘n Only Argan Oil.  The oil is a bit heavier than Moroccan Oil, but I actually like the shampoo and conditioner more than MO.  It could be a phase…and it could also be the $7-$9 price tag.  (versus about $20 each for MO)  Either way, they are both great products and are good for just about everyone.
“Joy is the best makeup” – Anne Lamott