Be HAIRware when Dieting.

Bathing suits, shorts, and tanks oh my!  Don’t let your diet get the best of you and your hair this summer.  Often, fast weight loss and “crash dieting” lead to thin, dull and lifeless hair.  (not to mention it’s just not the best option for weight loss overall)  When it comes to caring for your locks a good old fashion healthy diet just works best.  (surprise, surprise!)  However, there are some key ingredients that should be included on your menu:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids  (salmon, trout, oysters, tofu, cauliflower, canola oil)
  • Vitamin B-12 (shellfish, fish, beef, egg, cheese)
  • Iron (spinach, broccoli, almonds, asparagus, romaine lettuce)
  • High Quality Protein (soy, beans, eggs, poultry, dairy, beef)
  • Zinc  (oysters, turkey, beans, ground beef)
  • Biotin  (kidney beans, lentils)

So when you’re thinking about dropping those extra couple of lbs. this summer keep in mind the rest of your body could be taking a toll too.  If you’re wanting to jump-start a healthy summer an herbal cleanse is a great way.  More to come on that subject…  Overall, I’ll be sticking to a healthy diet and supplements.  (I take fish oil, biotin, and Activit)   Remember it’s all about balance, make sure to get both protiens and vitamins and minerals.