My love for Keratin.

It is obvious I have am having a love affair with Keratin Complex products.  I have recently purchased yet another product from their line, and I am overly excited about it.  (This seems to be the trend every time I try one of their products.)  Keratin Complex Infusion. 

This little bottle of magic made my dry summer hair feel and look shiny and smooth.  It even made my little split ends look like I had a fresh cut. (shame on me…I’m getting a trim next week :)

Infusion can be used on wet hair before you blow dry, or dry hair to mend the ends a bit and replenish keratin levels.  This is of course great for those already getting Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments, or anyone who wants a smooth, silky blow dry.  This product works best if you use it before applying heat tools such as a blow-dryer or flat-iron.