Organic Meets Luxury

While mindlessly roaming the isles of my local natural foods store I was stopped in my steps when I came across an organic body wash and body butter by deep steep.  I am a sucker for cute packaging, and the scent “grapefruit-bergamont” was really enticing.

After the first use I was hooked!  The body wash is silky and rich, and the scent is exhilarating.  I was equally as impressed with the body butter.  Finally!  An organic body line that smells as lush as it feels.  These products are 100% natural, 100% chemical free, and 100% paraben and preservative free.

After visiting their website, , I was excited to see that they offer so many more products than what I saw at the market.  I’ve definitely become a fan not only of deep steep, but also the care and thought that goes into making an organic line that doesn’t compromise luxury.

Did I mention the completely affordable price point?  $9.95 for the 8oz. bottle of body wash and $10.95 for 6oz. of the body butter.  I’m excited already to tell you about future products I’ll try from them!