Jewelry Solutions for the Shopaholic~

In a manic cleaning spree I was surprised to find so much jewelry that I forgot I had stuffed in drawers in my bedroom and closet.  A conversation with a friend reminded me of a cool solution to my problem that I wanted to try; an earring holder frame to display almost all of my earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.  Awesome!  This is how I did it:

  First, I bought a cute frame (or you can look at thrift stores and find great pieces), plastic mesh, a cute fabric that matches my decor, and little gold hooks.  This was seriously the easiest project!  I used a staple gun to secure the plastic mesh to the back of the frame, and then covered it with my fabric keeping it taught.  **TIP: I have heard that window screen works better than the plastic mesh**  I then screwed in the gold hooks at the bottom of the frame.  (These are easy and can be done with just your hands.)  And that’s it!  Seriously I told you this was so easy.  After I made mine I had 3 people ask if I would make them one!  I’ve seen these on different websites ranging in price from about $25-$60.  Mine cost $20, but only because I went and bought a frame.  I highly encourage you to look at thrift stores and garage sales for some cool frames, which would make the cost even less!

Now I can actually see my earrings and necklaces in an oranized fashion!  This is perfect for those in small spaces because it goes right on your wall!

Your turn!  Get creative!  I would love to hear feedback or tips on what you find.