Beauty FIXation on the go!

Recently I picked up a package Beauty Fixation pre-filled portable swabs.  This is the greatest idea for eye makeup mishaps on the go!  These little babies are filled with makeup remover that you activate by breaking the tip of the cotton swab on one end.  I also love that these are not oily or greasy.  Seriously, they are pretty perfect.  One package comes with 24 swabs and I think I paid $5.  You can probably find these at your local drug store, or on their website

The prefilled swabs come in Makeup Remover, Lipstick Touch Up, Tinted Lip Conditioner (I liked this one too), Nail Polish Touch Up, Cuticle Remover, and Pre-tweeze Treatment (im excited to try this one!).  This is so great for those that travel, or just like to be prepared!