Re-Energize…your eyes!

SO…as I creep closer and closer to the big 30 (yikes!) skincare and quality skincare at that has become very important.  Although I have been genetically blessed to have good skin, I can already tell the beginning signs of aging.  I have played around with the idea of botox…just a little here…and a little there… But after I received my sample of Re-Everything Serum by VMV Hypoallergenics I have decided to put the botox idea on hold! 

This little bottle literally acts like a caffeine boost to your face.  The first time I used it I actually forgot I had put it on.  About an hour later I looked in a mirror and I was surprised at how toned and tight my eye area looked!  Did it really make that much of a difference?!  I’ve been hooked.  And actually, after seeing how well it worked on my eye area I have been using it on my forehead for those stubborn little squinting lines…grrrr…

At a price point of $80.00 for a bottle it is a bit of an investment.  I’m so glad I joined Birchbox and received this sample!  (A great size too! I still have some left!) If you havent joined Birchbox yet, DO IT.  And I will definitely be ordering Re-Everything Serum in the future!