Curl Confidence

I am constantly surprised by the beautiful natural curl my clients have, but they insist on  blow drying and flat ironing EVERY DAY.  (exhausting)  When I ask them if they wear their hair curly, most of the time I get a definite no.  But when I ask why it’s usually because they have nooo idea what to do with their unruly waves.

Mastering the curly mane is almost an art form in itself.  The more I work with my natural hair the better I understand what exactly it will do, and how to get the desired curl pattern I want.  Everybody has their own way when it comes to styling with curls.  This is what I do…

In the shower:  Curly hair usually falls more on the dry side.  There are many shampoos and conditioners on the market that are targeted specifically for curly/dry hair.  While there are many great curl specific products, I use a regular hydrating shampoo and conditioner.  (Moroccan Oil is my fav)

After showering I use Moroccan Oil (the oil).  And…thats it.  As it dries I add more if frizz starts to come out.  No other products necessary.  I used to use like 2-4 different products when styling my curls.  But I believe that less is more for healthy hair.  You just don’t need all of the extra mousse, and sprays.  It’s not necessarily bad for your hair, but I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to styling products. (That’s just me and my curls…kinky curly hair may require more “taming” products)  However, you cannot use NOTHING and expect good results.  You will have to use some product, not a lot, but some.  And please…dont be tempted to just slap some gel all over your head.  “Crunchy” curls are not attractive, make you look like you’re from 1985, and not to mention the alcohol in the gel dries out your already dry hair.  :)

I do not use a diffuser.  I feel like the blow dryer makes my curls more fizzy and too done.  I personally either let my hair completely air dry, or braid it and let it dry about 80-90% before taking it down.  **If you have kinky curls and want to tame them a braid is a great way to keep your natural texture and calm down the curl pattern.  After it is completely dry a smoothing creme can calm fly aways (Bumble and bumble Grooming Creme is great), and you can add a bit extra  by picking out pieces and randomly curling them with a curling iron or flat-iron.  I usually use the curling iron around my face to make a more uniform curl pattern and polish the look.

I encourage you to work with your curly hair and not against it.  Feel free to ask any questions…I’m happy to answer!