Sweat Your Skin Clear~

We’ve all heard about the heath benefits of working out.  Stronger heart, healthier weight, younger mind and body, etc.  But working up a good old fashion sweat also cleanses our skin of bacteria and impurities.  Working out releases the positive endorphins in our bodies keeping our mind and stress levels down, which directly influences our skin and hair. 

I’ve taken Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) off and on for a couple of years now.  It is by far my favorite workout.  From the minute I enter the yoga room (temp 105 degrees with a humidity of about 40%)  the heat immediately starts to clear my pores.  By the end of class I pretty much look like I’ve jumped in a pool with my yoga clothes on.  I’ve committed myself more to my yoga practice lately and I’m seeing the benefits not only go to my muscle tone but to my skin as well.  My face has cleared up, and my skin overall has more of  a glow.

But here’s where sweat does more harm to your skin than good.  When it stays too long!  After a workout cleanse your body asap.  Leaving the sweat on your skin for too long can cause little red bumps similar to heat rash and can inflame acne and eczema.  A good quality body wash and body lotion will keep your skin looking clear and toned after your cardio session.  I usually use an organic body wash and lotion (Deep Steep is WONDERFUL) as my skin can be pretty sensitive.

Here is a list of the top 5 workouts that will work up a major sweat:

    1.  Bikram Yoga (your body will love you for it)
    2. Zumba!  Right, Left, Cha-Cha-Cha!
    3. Go outside and challenge your self to a decent long run.  (mind over matter!  you can run longer than you think you can!)
    4. Order Insanity or P90X.  Hardcore.  If you want results fast and you want to push yourself.  I’ve done Insanity…amazing results and lots of sweat!
    5. Go for a long bike ride.  Your local lake should have some great trails.