NEW Color Me Temporary Neon Haircolor~

Ever wanted a fun but very temporary way to wear a bright color in your hair?  ColorMe hair wands are perfect for this occasion.  They go on the hair with a masacara-like wand, won’t sweat or swim out, but as soon as you shampoo color comes right off.  (for blondes a couple of shampoos may be necessary.  You choose the intensity of the color.  For brighter colors completely saturate both sides of the piece of hair you are painting.  For a  more pastel effect lightly stroke the color through your hair then run a paper towel over to wipe off the excess.  Now, let the hair dry completely.  I use the blow dryer on  a low heat setting for a couple of minutes to dry the hair 100%.  After the hair is dry you can take a comb and brush it out a bit.  If you are going to curl or flat-iron your hair with the color in make sure to use a lower heat setting so you don’t burn your hair.

I used my niece as my model to show the colors off.  After we were done she walked around the house professing how “cool,” she looked.  (Yes!  Cool points for Aunt Cole!)  The colors rinsed out perfectly, and we had fun doing it.  ColorMe wands retail for about $12