Hello again! And…Fall 2012 Hair Trends

First of all I apologize for the huuuge gap in posts.  I’ve been in a fight to get my website name back…and I won!  So finally, I can get on with the blogging.  So much has happened and I have so much to share.  It seems only natural to start with the trending topic at hand…Fall 2012 Hair Trends.

So much of what I’ve seen on the runway just isnt quite the look most people are going for when they’re at the office, running errands, or going to school.  I’ve noticed the celebrity stylists are making a splash with the stars’ hair…and I likey.  Lots of deep rich browns and auburn, ombre is everywhere and in just about every shade, and bleachy blondes are toned down to warm caramel and honey vibrance.

Cuts for the fall are ranging tremendously.  Long is still in.  Blunt bangs are cool.  And tiny “micro” bobs are going to be all around.  I love the long full bob too, especially on very thick hair.  Men’s are taking it up this fall.  The military sides with the textured medium full length top is being seen on stars like Adam Levine.  The versatility and the color options are virtually endless this season.