December Birchbox Review

I realize this is a bit late. Story of my life, lol. I was happy with my December Birchbox. At this point I’ve had the chance to try all of the samples, and I even ordered one. I did think it was cool that in this months box there was a gift tag in case you wanted to gift your birchbox to someone else. (I did no such thing, but its a nice thought) If you havent become a member of birchbox I strongly encourage you to. (I should be getting paid by them) I love that for only $10/month I get a fun box of surprises each month. It literally makes my day when I see that little pink box in the mailbox. You can sign up here if you’re interested:

OK, lets get to the goods.

1.Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream
Overall, this was the one product that I was not impressed with. It is supposed to be a 12-in-1 wonder cream that has a lot of anti-aging benefits and some coverage, like a conceal, too. Which may be so…but the texture of this face cream is what I did not like at all. It was way too thick. I suppose that is because it conceals, still I did not enjoy the way it felt on my face. I did, however, mix a little bit of my normal moisturizer with it and I had much better results. If you normally wear foundation then you would probably love this product. For those of us that prefer moisturizer and a little powder, skip it.

2.LA FRESH® Eco-Beauty® Healthy Hand Sanitizer Wipes
I’m not really a hand sanitizer type of girl. I prefer a good old fashion soap and water scrub down. But, I do know that there are times when that is not always a possible. In the past I’ve always disliked hand sanitizer because of the alcohol smell and they leave my hands feeling completely dried out. Thats whats so cool about the LA FRESH sanitizer wipes. They are 100% alcohol free, smell like a baby wipe, and leave my hands feeling so soft. I will actually be purchasing these when they are off backorder.

3.Nicole by Nicole Richie
This is what I am currently waiting on to come in the mail. I really liked this perfume. It was striking but not overbearing, and at the end of my day I could still faintly smell it. Sometimes a perfume just works. This one is a keeper.

4.ModelCo SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss
Silky texture, barely there color, mirror on the side= Perfect lip gloss. I’m interested in trying their other colors too. I wore it over my lip stain for a little more dramatic look. A+

5.Nick Chavez® Beverly Hills Advanced Volume Shampoo with Expansion Technology®
I’m really picky in the shampoo department. So my dilemma here is that while I did like the shampoo, I had higher expectations for it. I wasnt blown away. I blame it on the Kérastase Chroma Sensitive sample (THE BEST SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER I’VE EVER TRIED!!) they sent me a while back that I havent stopped thinking about. I’m on the fence about ordering this product in the future. If I’m spending over $20 on a shampoo I want to really love it.

6. As a bonus to the box I received a $50 gift card towards, which is actually a pretty cool site. They rent out designer dresses, handbags and accessories for 4-8 days for a fraction of what the retail price would be had you bought it. Cool concept, but I would be afraid I would lose an earring or spill red wine on a dress I rented.