RED is soooo 2013

I love this season’s most popular hair trend, RED!  So here’s my little tid bit, take it or leave it.  I think that red is a perfectly suitable color for most people if done properly.  There are so many shades of red!  You have red red, copper-red, red violet, golden red,   Natural blondes almost always look good as red heads.  Brunettes can do a deeper (level 6 or lower) red that will give it a rich tone.  The problem with red is that not everyone can embrace its boldness.

Here are my Red Rules:

1.  Go to a Professional.  *Red is a color that you really want to turn out right the first time.

2.  Have a thorough consultation with your stylist.  *Make sure that you and your stylist are clear about what exactly you are doing.  *Bring in pictures to show your stylist, or ask to see a swatch of the color.

2.  Know what you’re asking for.  *If you’re asking for red hair, understand that your hair is GOING TO BE RED.  Red can be a shocking change for some, understand that it can take some getting used to.

3.  Use a color safe shampoo.

4.  Don’t let your red fade.  *You may need to see your stylist more often when rocking red as its vibrancy tends to fade much faster.

5.  Embrace your new look and have fun with it!