No Poo Update

Hi! Ok so today is day 4 of my no poo adventure. So far so good! I normally wash my hair every day so this is a feat in itself. This morning my hair was a little weighed down, so I threw some light curls in it to give it a little more body. But my hair is not really oily at all, and my mild psoriasis is giving me NO PROBLEMS! I get seasonal psoriasis, and in the winter months my head is usually itchy and flakey. I haven’t itched once in the past 4 days, and not one flake to be found. However, at this point I really want to wash my hair. It looks and smells ok, but I’m ready to have clean feeling hair. I’ll definitely do a baking soda and apple cider vinegar wash tomorrow. Here are some pics from day two, three and today.