No Poo…No Go.


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of an update on the No Poo. I’ve been in the process of moving…and well you know how that goes. Soooo…here’s the scoop on the whole No Poo method.
So my initial goal was to do this for one month. I lasted a week, lol. I will say that in that week I did notice a couple of improvements in my hair, but the bad out weighed the good. Here’s my findings:

The Good:
1. My scalp was not itchy at all! I have seasonal psoriasis, which basically means every winter with the dry air my scalp gets really really itchy. The entire week I did the No Poo method I was itch FREE! I’m thinking it was the lack of chemicals. Either way, I loved that aspect of it.

Ok, so that’s the only thing that I experienced that I absolutely loved.

The Bad:
1. I’m a hairstylist. I love my products, and not using any hair products for a whole week was a feat in itself. But every time I went to dry my hair after cleansing with the no poo method it felt like straw. It was usually ok after it was completely dry, but the best way I can think of to describe it is it kinda feels like I didn’t rinse all the conditioner out of my hair. (If I was using conditioner). Just a little filmy, and heavy.
2. I’m extremely active. I love to workout, I do hot yoga, running, and Insanity. I NEED to wash my hair after I exercise. So since the No Poo method really suggests only once a week cleansing it is just not feasible.
3. A friend that I worked with asked what was up with my hair. (She had no idea I was doing the No Poo). She asked why it was so dull and not shiny like it normally is. Not going to lie, this was the icing on the cake for me. Call me vain, but I love my shiny hair!
4. This is completely not “color safe.” After just two washes with the No Poo method my color dramatically faded. I think the baking soda is just a little too harsh for color. So unless you literally want to wash your color down the drain, l suggest not doing this.

Now, before I get hate mail from all you No Poo activists, let me clearly state that I think there are some benefits to this method, especially if you are super oily. It’s just not for everyone. Your lifestyle will greatly depend on how well you enjoy this. For example, one of my best friends has been doing the No Poo for about 6 weeks. She is loving it. Now, she’s a stay at home mom, and not nearly as hectic of a schedule as someone in the professional world. And…her kids don’t care how her hair looks. So she was able to go through the hardest part (the first couple of weeks) much easier.

I say if you are interested just try it! But for me…I’m out. :)
Back to my millions of products, and yes, itchy scalp.